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Mauritius Tour Package

Mauritius Tour Package has a huge demand among tourists as it is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. Mauritius Tour Package is a blend of diverse cultures and religions which our immigrant population brought from their ancestral countries. There are a number of places to visit during your stay on the island. Apart from the many beach resorts with their sandy white beaches and blue lagoon, there are other greener sites that you might find interesting. The Black River Gorges, Macabee Forest and Yemen are regions, which you might discover on foot or by car. Trou aux Cerfs (an extinct volcanic crater), Chamarel, Ile aux Aigrettes are among the many sites you can visit in Mauritius.

Mauritius Tour

Mauritius tour this island nation has a pleasant tropical climatic condition and is known for the numerous tourist attractions. The developed economy, high standard of living, modern lifestyle, abundant tourist attractions, exotic beaches and so forth have always caught the attention of international tourists. Modern infrastructure and transportation facilities have facilitated commuting to the numerous tourist attractions in Mauritius Tour easier and convenient. Some of the tourist attractions in Mauritius are Port Louis The capital city and chief port of Mauritius, Port Louis was constructed in the year 1735 by the noted French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais. This harbor is located between mountains which make it worth watching. Pamplemonsses Garden this spectacular garden was built by Pierre Poivre. The indigenous species of plants, exhibited in this garden, dates back to several decades. Black River George This is a national park stretching as area of 6,574 hectares. It was construction in order to save the natural vegetation of the island and make it one of the most important Mauritius sightseeing.

Mauritius Travel Packages

Mauritius is synonymous with the turquoise sea and the pristine, serene beaches. The azure sky, the palm fringed beach, the gleaming sands constitute the exotic beauty of Mauritius. In Mauritius Travel Packages one has the opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches of Mauritius, some of them are Blue Bay, Le Morne and Tamarin, Grand Bay, Preybere. The beach also provides a plethora of opportunities to the tourists to partake in adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, skiing, windsurfing, etc. The tourists can also indulge in trekking, biking in the terrains of Mauritius. The coastal region in the south eastern part of Mauritius is littered with the forests, rivers and forests. Even mountains are there in Mauritius which has the rarest species of plants and flowers exhibiting a riot of colors.

Adventurous Travel Packages To Dibang Valley

Dibang valley is a small district in the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. The district is situated on the borders of China. The panoramic valleys and the scenic Dibang River offer some spectacular views for the tourists visiting here. The Government itself offers some nice travel packages to Dibang valley. Apart from that, many private tour operators arrange for special travel packages to this valley district. The package will have some adventurous activities filled with fun. Read on to know more about the packages and their highlights.

Eastern Meadows is a tourist operator in India which offers some exciting trekking cum travel packages to Dibang valley and also its neighboring districts. The package duration is for 11 days and 10 nights. Trekking includes a visit to the last Indian tribal village in this whole region. The itinerary is designed to have a close encounter with the tribal inhabitants of the place. The cost is provide on request. You will be accommodated at tourist and inspection bungalows built by the Government which has adequate facilities. At some places tents are erected for the night for an adventurous stay.

Indian Travel Agent is a tourist operator in India who offers exclusive travel packages to Dibang valley and to the Forest parks and the wildlife sanctuaries at this place. The package is flexible according to your needs. The package has some special features like trekking at mountain ranges and water rafting in the Dibang River. Accommodation at traditional guest houses is arranged for in and around Dibang. The package also includes a stay at the Mayudia, a unique hill resort located at a distance of 56 km from Roing.

North East India Tourism arranges for some exclusive travel packages to Dibang wildlife sanctuary. The best time to avail this package is in the months of November to February. The package duration can be specified by you. You will be picked up from the Dibrugarh airport and escorted to the Circuit Houses and Inspection Bungalows near the sanctuary. The bungalows are equipped with adequate facilities. Apart from the lush green landscapes, the sanctuary is prominent for some wildlife species like the musk deer, goral and black bear. You will be taken to have a close look at these animals and that makes for an exhilarating experience. The tour operators take adequate measures to ensure your safety at the sanctuary.

Hawaii Travel Packages

All travel agencies worldwide have Hawaii as a favorite holiday destination. The fame of these islands as a corner of paradise, the pleasantly warm weather, the great surfing waves and lots of other local attractions keep Hawaii on the first position in the tops of most popular destinations. Thus, you don’t have to worry about not finding Hawaii travel packages, but about making the best possible deals. Hawaii remains a great destination throughout the year unraveling its attractions to the visitor: there are palm-fringed beaches, storming rivers flowing through canyons, smoking volcanoes, blue lagoons, exotic rain forests and breath-taking water falls.

Under the name of Hawaii travel packages you can purchase a holiday on any of the six main islands of the archipelago, Molokai, Hawaii, Oahu, Lanai, Kauai and Maui. Each of them has distinct complex features that make them impossible to exhaust in terms of attractions this is actually the reason why people choose other Hawaii travel packages for next vacations. Besides great tourist services, warm waters and sandy beaches, Hawaii gives one a first hand experience of what active volcanoes are like in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This could be the only opportunity to see red-hot lava in a lifetime, as you may never get the chance to repeat the experience.

If you think that the Hawaii from Hollywood films is just a beautiful or embellished story, you will pleasantly surprised to discover it is not. Some people even say this is paradise on earth, then, on a sun-drenched handful of islands in the mid-Pacific, you could be living a dream. Don’t expect Hawaii travel packages to come cheap, but there is a trick about when to buy such holidays so as to save some hundreds of dollars. Peak seasons like the winter holidays are sometimes out of reach as you will most likely find very high prices for the services.

Another idea is not to pick the time of the year when the ocean swell is most favorable for surfing, otherwise you will also find the resorts pretty crowded. If you’ve contracted a reliable travel agency you will receive advice in the direction of buying the most for your dollars. All Hawaii services are next to perfect, and sometimes it is preferable to pay for a holiday in a retreated corner than to get where the luxury strikes the eye. Moreover, anything too extravagant could also prove beyond your capacity to pay.

Tour And Travel Packages India

India is a large country in terms of all spheres like geography, culture and tradition. There diversity in its lifestyle, people, dress and dialects make this place as the one of the most popular tourist destinations all over world. Every year a large gathering of tourist from all around world visit India and gets inspired to experience the thrill and adventure of this place.

Tour and travel packages in India offers a wide range of incentive tour packages that coves the travel tours like Goa beach tours, Kerala backwater tours, business and corporate tours, historical tours, cultural tours, beach resort tours, golden triangle travel, tours to deserts, Himalayan tours, tours related to nature, wildlife, adventure and sports. There are also some special tours like holiday tours, religious and spiritual tours, train tours, tours of metropolitan cities, Tahmahal tours, educational tours, eco tours and luxurious tours. Such types of tours generally add a special charm on your India visit.

There are many places popular places in the country that attracts tourist. Each tourist place in the country has special significance due to its charm and specialty. This does not matter which destination or ration you travel. Mostly you get pleasant and unique experience on your tours to India. Tourist and transport operators in the country offer you such amazing tourism and exciting tours. Thus Indian tour packages helps you to travel all the major destination of India, a more reliable and convenient way.

There are several popular places of tourist interest in the country. Each tourist place of the country is known for its own charm and specialties. It doesn’t matter, whatever destination or region you travel in. Everywhere you will get unique and pleasant travel experience on your India tours. There are several tour operators and travel agents in the country who cater its amazing tourism and offer exciting tours and travel packages. India travel tours package makes you enable to travel all the major tourist destination of India in more and more convenient ways.


Tours to India becomes thrilling to the visitors and tourist from all over world. Varieties of tours are covered in the tours and travel packages offered by the operators. Such type of tour covers most parts of country like Himalayas, Rajasthan and Metro city tours and rural surrounding tours

Travel Package – Big Savings and Convenience in Travel Made Possible

Whenever you travel overseas for business or pleasure, a recurring problem which you may encounter would be the rising travel costs of accommodation, meals, transport and sightseeing which could add up to an enormous total sum. To save on your hard-earned money, it is paramount that you source any means possible that could help you secure the best value deals for your entire trip.

A travel package may offer the solution to your concerns. Such packages are usually discounted and would thus make cheaper travel a reality since you would likely have to fork out less for a package than if you had purchased each travel component individually. Moreover, an incredible range of destinations is available for your selection, from world-famous theme parks such as Universal Studios to countless places in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

By investing just a little effort into finding out more about the different packages available online, you can stand to save big on a trip to the destination you have been longing to experience. What might a travel package be, you may ask?

In essence, packaged travel is offered by both online and offline travel agents which pre-arrange two or more components of a trip into a single package. The individual components differ from package to package, which can either be very basic or very comprehensive. For instance, there are packages that just include air transport, hotels and basic transfers, while others promise a full vacation experience which includes just about everything down to sightseeing and meals.

You can even enjoy other attractive inclusions such as extended visiting hours for some entertainment destinations, a free meal in the hotel, or discounted rates on admission to a tourist attraction.

Tour packages eliminate the hassle of planning your own itineraries for each day of your trip, as your travel agent would have pre-arranged them for you. If you are participating in a group tour, you can also gain the services of a knowledgeable tour guide who would look out for the needs of your tour members.

If you are not satisfied with pre-arranged packaged tours, you can even have your travel agent plan a customized holiday for you, thus making sure that your accommodation, touring locations and duration of trip are tailored to fit the tastes and budget of your group. You are also likely to benefit from the keen competition among travel agents by securing a quality vacation at a good deal.

What attracts many travelers to package deals is their ability to enjoy discounted prices which lead to big savings. The amount of savings that travelers stand to gain is reliant on the travel agent’s skill in negotiating for bigger discounts and which part of the year they are travelling.

Although travelers may generally enjoy the best hotel discounts from most travel agents during less busy travel seasons, they can also turn to other agents who can offer low, specially-negotiated hotel rates even during peak seasons. Travelers also enjoy attractive airfares through these agents due to having them purchased in bulk prior to obtaining them.

Most importantly, booking packaged travel through a travel agent is so convenient that you can just leave all the detailed planning to your agent while you just concentrate on getting ready for your trip. Hence, you can enjoy the incredible value that comes with convenience and savings in a travel package.

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Cheap International Travel Packages

Cheap international travel packages have become quite popular over the recent past and there are many who choose to travel abroad. It no longer remains an elusive dream because traveling abroad has become quite convenient and easy. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the world has truly shrunk and become one global village, after all distances don’t seem that long anymore. There was once a time when it remained just a dream to travel abroad and being able to go even once was a big deal. However, this scenario changed completely with liberalization taking place in the country and business opportunities opening up worldwide. It is now possible to travel both on business as well as on vacation to any part of the world.

What makes it extremely easy and simple is the availability of cheap international travel packages. These packages have made it possible for anyone to not only think but also enjoy a vacation abroad. America and Europe have always topped the chart of anyone planning to travel abroad. But what has come as a surprise is not only the ease with which one can travel to these countries but also the possible of enjoying cheap international travel packages to these countries.

Other countries that have gained immense popularity and are considered major holiday hotspots include countries in the South East Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Cheap international travel packages are available for these countries that take care of all the requirements needed to enjoy a fabulous holiday.

There are quite a few online travel websites that offer all kinds of amazing cheap international travel packages. The options are varied and diverse and depending on one’s requirement one can choose the perfect package. These packages cover every aspect of the travel itinerary therefore ensuring that travelers need not face any kind of a hassle or problem. There short duration holiday packages that are perfect for a weekend getaway to long duration packages. Many will find short duration holiday packages for Southeast Asian countries that are apt for a weekend. Long duration packages of 20 to 25 days can be found for Europe and America. A number of European countries are covered within this couple of days and one can definitely make the most of their trip.

Cheap international travel packages are one of the best ways to enjoy the myriad facets that these amazing countries have to offer. There are many travel operators that offer excellent package deals and some of them are even categorized as per tastes and preferences. Hence, it is not uncommon to find travel packages that are culture, shopping, religious, adventure specific. Depending on one’s preferences, one can choose cheap international travel packages that meet one’s expectations.

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Awards seek entries from across the Middle East and Africa

The World Media Awards are open for entries and the organisers are seeking entries from across the Middle East and Africa. The closing date for entries is Thursday 16 February 2017.
The global World Media Awards (WMAs) are the only awards that celebrate the effectiveness of cross platform, cross border, content-driven advertising.

How to enter

Entry to the WMAs at is free but entrants have the option to make a voluntary donation to Reporters Without Borders. Campaigns must be content-driven and have intentionally targeted audiences in at least four countries, with 75% of activity having been implemented in 2016. Advertisers and their media, PR and creative agencies can enter all categories while media owners are only permitted to enter the new Entertainment and Media category directly. There is no requirement for campaigns to have run in any of the World Media Group brands.


Ian Armstrong, co-head judge
Ian Armstrong, co-head judge
To reflect the importance of collaboration in creating successful international, content-driven advertising campaigns, the independent jury will number 30 heavy-weight judges from brands, agencies and media owners. It is presided over by three co-heads: Ian Armstrong, global advertising GM, Jaguar Land Rover, Sanjay Nazerali, global chief strategy officer with Carat Global, and Raquel Bubar, director T Brand Studio International at The New York Times. The full list of judges is available on the website.


There will be eight Award categories and a Grand Prix selected by the jury from amongst the category winners, as follows:

Corporate Influencer
Financial Services
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development
Lifestyle & Luxury
(New) Media & Entertainment
Technology and Telecoms
Travel & Tourism

Winners’ rewards

All category winners will see their work celebrated in an advertising campaign valued at €500,000, which will run across the World Media Group’s international media brands: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Quartz, The New York Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, The Economist and Bloomberg. In addition, a number of the winning case studies will be published in the World Media Awards showcase on the World Media Group website.

The winners of the Awards will be announced at the World Media Awards Reception at the Ham Yard Hotel in London on Thursday 6 April 2017. All shortlisted entrants will receive two free tickets to join the celebration as guests of the World Media Group and additional tickets will be available for purchase. For more information, go to

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go by

South Africa is set for a bumper Black Friday this year if social media is anything to go by, says online marketing agency, 25AM. In fact, social media conversation around this event has almost tripled in comparison to the same period last year. In the days leading up to Black Friday 2015 social media saw around 4719 mentions, whereas 2016 has already surpassed the 15,500 mark.
The majority of this year’s conversation continues to be driven on Twitter, and the massive increase in conversation is likely due to higher social media adoption by South Africans, as well as the large number of new brands which have joined this annual shopping extravaganza.

2015 vs 2016 Black Friday mentions:

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go by

In terms of demographics, the interest between male (47.5%) and female (52.2%) remains mostly on par, with women just slightly edging out their male counterparts.

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go by

In terms of age, 25 – 34 year olds are the most active in Black Friday conversation on social media, closely followed by the 45-54 age group; while the 55-64 year olds remain the least active. This could also indicate which age groups are likely to utilize online shopping facilities as opposed to travelling to shopping centers.

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go by

Interestingly, the buzz around shopping centers remains fairly low in comparison to the general conversation around Black Friday – this could also indicate a greater interest in online shopping as opposed to physically going to the shops, but only time will tell.

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go by

Big retailers appear to be pushing hard on social media, with Game currently leading the way. Twitter and email marketing seem to be the most successful platforms for the big brands to create awareness for their Black Friday specials.

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go by

Whether South Africans flood the shops or crash the internet tomorrow, one thing is for sure, Black Friday is here to stay and continues to find popularity and growth within the local market. Happy shopping!

Insurance offerings that ensure South Africa prospers

Truck drivers make a huge impact on our economy and quite often their contributions are not fully acknowledged. Truck drivers are an essential part of the supply chain that moves the country forward by delivering all our basic necessities 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
According to the Regent Trucking index report the number of vehicles registered as trucks have increased from 228,000 in December 1999 to 365,000 in September 2015 – an increase of approximately 60%.

Regent understands the value of fleet owners and drivers, and as a result we have built our commercial trucking insurance products around the dedicated drivers and fleet owners using innovative technology. Each business is different, and therefore it is vital that we provide simple, relevant and customised insurance products in order to add value to our clients.

“Regent’s core principles focus on being driver-centric, almost everything we use is moved by a truck – from the food we eat to the fuel for our motor vehicles. The country would come to a grinding halt without the thousands of fleet owners and truck drivers who transport vital goods to every corner of South Africa, each day of the year. Therefore it is important that we ensure that their businesses operate efficiently in order to move our country forward,” says Paul Dangerfield, National Operations Manager and Highway Heroes Campaign Manager at Regent Commercial Vehicles (RCV).

Insurance offerings that ensure South Africa prospers

The ongoing driver training program, the consulted bureau service and the Highway Heroes Competition are the initiatives of which Regent is most proud. Our driver training programme is one of the benefits that has made a substantial impact on the risk profiles of many of our clients. Completion of training is essential as it allows the driver to prove their competency, taking into account the imminent legislation for annual driver competency evaluations.

The Highway Heroes campaign, an initiative that was launched in 2015 in honour of South Africa’s Highway Heroes, is aimed at recognising the important role that truck drivers play in growing the country’s economy. It highlights those that display the best driver behaviour in their day-to-day duties. It also creates awareness around the challenges that the truck drivers encounter while on the road.

And because we understand these challenges, we deliver free value benefits that will ensure our clients’ businesses operate efficiently such as:

Accredited driver assessments
Defensive driver training
Risk management consultation
24/7 bureau and monitoring services
Income, death and hospitalisation benefits – innovation to our insurance product

Insurance offerings that ensure South Africa prospers

This year we will continue to honour and show appreciation of the continuous hard work the trucking industry puts into making our country a prosperous one.

For more information, please watch the following video, and to tweet this news, please use the hashtag #TheUnavoidableChoice.

About Regent

Regent Insurance provides high-level fleet and logistics management solutions to all companies that operate commercial vehicles. Part of the Imperial Group, the business provides a wide range of specialised, innovative insurance products. These include motor insurance products, affordable life assurance products, innovative travel insurance and warranties, as well as high-level fleet and logistics management solutions for commercial vehicle companies. The company’s core principles are based on entrepreneurship, innovation and adherence to industry-specific best practices.

Regent Insurance Company Limited, a short-term insurer, company reg. no. 1966/007612/06 and an authorised financial services provider, FSP licence 25511.

An innovative WTM Africa 2017 promises to be extraordinary!

The leading travel trade show in southern Africa, WTM Africa 2017 promises to bring together travel trade, industry stakeholders, international media and important buyers with innovative new systems and events.
An innovative WTM Africa 2017 promises to be extraordinary!
“Over the past three years WTM Africa has seen visitor numbers grow, with a 23% increase in 2016, resulting in a 19% increase in travel professionals overall,” says Chardonnay Marchesi, General Manager of Africa Travel Week. “This growth alone has pushed us as a team to think on how we would innovate for WTM Africa 2017!”

Talking on innovation, the official organisers of WTM Africa, Reed Exhibitions, have taken trade, media and buyer feedback to enhance WTM Africa 2017 to present an even better exhibition than in previous years.

“We’re delighted to be hosting WTM Africa 2017 in April – a great month to visit Cape Town, where everybody wants to be naturally – as well as the ideal time to secure bookings ahead of the peak periods we see across the continent for travel,” furthers Marchesi.

In the lead up to WTM Africa 2017, the Reed Exhibitions team has been hard at work presenting buyer insights back to the local industry. “Our specialised focus on the African continent will bring the diversity and opportunity for the travel sector to the fore in 2017, with over 600 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees. In 2015, we estimated that a significant US $333m worth of business was conducted. While we are still calculating our figure for 2016, our in-depth research tells us that although a great deal of business is written on site, it doubles after six months and remains on this level for future projection.”

2017 will see an increased number of international and local buyers in attendance at WTM Africa says Marchesi. “We have tightened up our qualification criteria for buyers to ensure that we have the right people with purchasing authority at WTM Africa 2017. We are pushing for significant growth in buyers in attendance, with a 49% split from Europe and 11% from the USA, key target markets for South Africa’s tourism sector. Emerging markets will also be represented at WTM Africa 2017.”

In addition, WTM Africa’s ability to adapt to the fast pace of the travel sector and trade’s demand of an exhibition mean that new buyers are constantly being targeted, new sectors are constantly being added, and repeat buyers with buying power are being catered to simultaneously.

What this means is that WTM Africa 2017 will focus heavily on creating an ideal environment in which business deals can be brokered. For this reason, the following innovations have already been made ahead of 2017:

A host of international speakers from across the globe will focus on pertinent topics affecting the modern travel industry, as well as look to identify trends in the African travel market
New to WTM Africa in 2017, the Outbound Conference Theatre will invite travel agents to learn more about the international destinations that are right on our doorstep
Enhancements have been made to the Speed Networking programme, with each session extended to 90 minutes from 60 minutes in 2016.
The matchmaking and diary system has also been improved with the functionality to request meetings with fellow exhibitors and the ability to block out times in the diary.
Exhibitor workshops ahead of WTM 2017 will be conducted early in the year, while a White Glove Service means that training can also be done right in your office.

Members of the travel trade and its associated media excited about attending next year’s show in Cape Town are encouraged to register soon for WTM Africa 2017 by visiting and submitting their applications.